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2003 Edition

If you are interested in pursuing a career in acting, modelling, extra work, commercials or seeing your children in any of these ..... The Agents Book is for you!

Published by A.M.I.S.

To get your copy of The Agents Book, please contact:

Theatre Ontario
30 St. Patrick Street
Toronto, Ontario
Phone (416) 408-4556
or TheatreBooks
11 St. Thomas Street
Toronto, Ontario
Phone (416) 922-7175

Toll-free orders 1-800-361-3414

The 2003 edition of The Agents Book answers the most frequently asked questions by people just getting started in the entertainment industry. A lot of people try to break into the business every year and we want to make sure they have accurate, unbiased information on agents, training, photographers and other resources.

The Agents Book is available for $15 (plus tax). This is our 8th edition and we’ve expanded the book to include new sections on creating a resume, finding the right agent for you, photography tips, information on unions, tips for background performers, safety & stunts, and how to select the right acting class or school.

In addition to giving advice on the way the business is run in Canada, The Agents Book includes information on:

• who does what in the casting process
• what an agent does and a listing of ethical agents
• what industry scams to watch out for
• special advice for kids and parents on classes and what to expect on the set